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Maintenance and to clear mosses  until 100 kilometers around Brive

Don't offer your roof to maintenance of whoever

To clear mosses

In two times :

   1) With hands and metallic brush. Never karcher (very agressive for roofs).

   2) Products who act when the weather is dry and temperature over 5 degrees C).

We only use recognized productswho respect environnement and don't contain chlorine or bleach. it's to respect zinc objects.  Our products specially used for roofs destroy mosses. The effects aren't immediates. You have to wait for 8 months after them.

lichens.jpg mousse.jpg

To clear mosses must be made by professional workers.

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Mai 2007


A roof well treated can be correct twice, for a long time.

A roof must have a maintenance each ten years and for older ones each two years.

Tiles are more fragiles.

Non professional workers may cause desasters