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To have the qulification RGE - reconised for protection of environment. Its for workers and groups working in constructions, houses, roofs... They are specialists in :

  • workings about energetic efficience on old constructions
  • workings about energetic best actions

  • To have this sign is the result of a volontar act to obtain it. This sign permit :
  •  To show and get a better work
  • To securise relations with you
  •  To engage our work in constant progres
  • To help you to obtain, in just conditions of reglementation helps about energetic renovations.

* From September 1st 2014, only works made by groups and workers RGE, will be paid by eco bank services with  zero taxes,
* From January 1 st 2015, cette rule wil be obtain also for credit durable development ;